Larsen Ventures

We were successful on the tender for the fit-out for Larsen Ventures in St Quentin Ave Claremont earlier this year, to enable them to relocate from a smaller office in the same complex. The new tenancy had been divided into two so there was some demolition required prior to construction. The most difficult part of the demolition was the removal of the carpet tiles from the smaller half of the tenancy. Care was taken to not damage the underlying timber floor, so that the new carpet tiles would have a smooth surface to stick to.


Juo Design produced a very open and light layout for the tenancy, using the QRK System to frame the glazed partitions, with a couple of meeting rooms and offices and an area for open plan workstations. Although direct access to the tenancy with large materials was a slight problem, the project ran very well and was completed on time for the client. Peter and Andrew Larsen were great clients to deal with and Melissa Coggan, the complex’s Facility Manager was very helpful too. Another enjoyable project completed to the satisfaction of all parties.


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