We were successful with the tender for the upgrade of Reddifund’s reception counter and refurbishment of the waiting area and corridor, in their office in West Perth. They needed to keep operating, including dealing with clients while the work was being carried out in that area. They set up a temporary reception desk in the space remaining in the waiting area so that we could proceed. The project included removing the old reception desk and a few walls around it, putting up new walls and doors to improve security and install the new reception desk, including full height glazing. The first pictures show the existing reception desk and corridor, the next one shows the new reception desk in place.


Once the desk was in place, the aluminium framing was constructed above it, up to the ceiling. The images on the glazed doors not only provided privacy, they were taken from photos already hanging in the reception area, showing the connection between Reddifund and the construction industry workers. This was another enjoyable job to do, dealing with the accommodating and tolerant client while we created the minimum, but necessary amount of disruption to get to a finished project that was very satisfactory to everyone.


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