Midland Court Gardens Strip out and make good $300k

We recently completed strip out and make good works to the former Department for Child Protection offices in Midland. The offices took up 75% of the building, over two floors. First impressions from the site visit were that it was a rabbit warren, with small offices and corridors everywhere, dark paint and carpet and barely adequate lighting, as seen in the pictures below.

13 03 28 Site VIsit 097                    13 03 28 Site VIsit 064

We priced three options for the Client. The first was the strip out, keeping the existing ceilings and carpet. The second option was to install a new ceiling in the ground floor and the third was to replace the carpet throughout. The Client decided to take the whole package. The new ceiling introduced some problems, as the existing slab soffit was the ceiling, giving just 150mm depth at most to the new grid ceiling. In places the depth was down to 75mm, giving the electrician an interesting challenge to get the light fittings in.

2014 05 29 Progress 4                    2014 05 29 Progress 6

The pictures above show the strip out proceeding. The pictures below show the ground floor cleared and the new ceiling grid installed.

2014 05 29 Progress 1                    2014 06 13 Progress 01

The end result was an enormous improvement, dramatically opening up the space, and producing lettable areas as good as any you would find in Perth.

2014 07 05 PC Inspection 03                    2014 07 11 Completion 5

One of the interesting aspects of the project was the removal of the security measures needed for the previous use. The courtyard stairs were fitted with gates and barriers to control access to the upper floor offices. Removing these security gates made a remarkable improvement to the flow and appeal of the courtyard entry (below)

13 03 28 Site VIsit 088                    2014 07 05 PC Inspection 09

The project ran smoothly and was completed to the satisfaction of the Client, the designer and the Services Consultant.

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Hisco Showroom Fit-out West Perth $600k

We completed a 2000m2 showroom and office fit-out in West Perth for Hisco Hospitality Supplies in November. Hisco is a major supplier of commercial kitchen equipment, manchester and kitchenware to the hotel, healthcare and restaurant industries.

01 2013 08 11 Manchester Front

The project was for the construction of the following areas, photographed on completion:

Commercial Showroom                                             Hospitality Showroom                                            Manchester Showroom

02 2013 11 08 071 Commercial Showroom      03 2013 11 08 052 Hospitality Showroom      04 2013 11 08 022 Manchester Showroom 2

Cash and Carry Sales Outlet                                                  Reception                                                                   Offices

05 2013 11 08 084 Cash and Carry      06 2013 11 08 064 Reception      07 2013 11 08 016 Offices

The project was put out to tender by Oldfield Knott Architects. We were awarded the contract and commenced the procurement of the furniture and manufacture of the joinery to meet the 10 week contract period. Site access for construction was only possible for the last 5 weeks of the contract period as the Landlord’s works would not be complete until then. Hisco needed to have the Cash and Carry outlet to be ready as soon as possible to provide as much time as possible for their establishment and commencement of operations on that area.

There were extensive sections of full height AA grade hoop ply display shelving and many unique fixed and mobile joinery units to be fabricated. Considerable time was spent with the architect reviewing the construction details for the joinery, furniture and construction of the project to produce the best result for the client in the time available and to remain as close to the client’s budget as possible.

09 2013 10 14 72 Hospitality signage10 2013 10 15 102 Bar and ShelvesThe picture on the left shows the details of the ply panels, the heavy duty shelving rails and the painted signage in the Hospitality showroom prior to installation of shelving. The picture on the right shows the Hospitality showroom bar which was vinyl wrapped, a process normally done for signage on vans or cars.  The extent of the full height hoop ply shelving is apparent in this area.


11 2013 10 14 66 Curved shelving12 2013 11 08 043 Glass ShelvesThe shelving beside the reception area was curved in two dimensions, producing a complicated joinery challenge but a remarkable end result. Lighting the curved shelving was also challenging but through discussions between Carleton Constructions, Mark Walsh Cabinets and the client, we produced an excellent solution.



13 2013 10 15 103 Pods14 2013 10 14 70 Hospitality tilingOur joiner fabricated 33 large mobile pods which were positioned throughout the showrooms to display Hisco merchandise. Here are some ready to be moved into position. Compare this picture with the one from the completed Hospitality showroom above, which shows them in use. The client wanted a tiled bathroom wall to display cleaning products and dispensers, to show how they would look in their permanent location and we were able to produce exactly what they required

The Landlord’s works were underway at the start of the contract and needed to be completed prior to us commencing the site works.  The scope of Landlord’s and fit-out works still required some clarification as our work on site was starting and these issues were amicably resolved through discussions with the Landlord’s builder, the architect and the client. One of the bigger examples of this was the electrical and data work, whether it would be provided by the Landlord’s contractors or not. The solution was to bring that work that work into the fit out-contract to be managed by Carleton Constructions, which resolved possible conflicts of responsibility and timing, and helped enable the completion of the works on time for the client.

As the work on the project proceeded, we were able to suggest a number of alterations to the layout to better suit existing site conditions and meet the needs of the client’s staff. These changes were made without extending the completion date.  It was possible to bring trades to site out of the usual sequence of work to meet the completion date, with all trades working together well without delaying or interrupting each other.

15 2013 09 09 4111 Showrooms

This picture shows how much space was available for the fit out, this is just the area for the Commercial and Hospitality showrooms.




The project seemed relatively simple at first but closer scrutiny of the documentation showed that there were critical relationships in the set out and detailing of the works. Clear communications with the suppliers and subcontractors, and with the client and architect resolved all of the issues without conflict and without compromising the quality of the design or workmanship and still meeting the tight completion time. The Cash and Carry area was handed to Hisco on the date they required and it was possible to give them access to other completed areas prior to practical completion to allow them to carry out their relocation and establishment and commence working from this showroom.

Carleton Constructions’ attention to detail was acknowledged by Hisco and Oldfield Knott, who commented on how smoothly the project ran, without the conflict, argument and disappointment that are often a part of construction projects.


“Carleton Constructions did a great job under difficult circumstances on the fit-out for Hisco and I would expect other clients to be pleased with the results if they use them” Dean Wood, Senior Architect Oldfield Knott Architects Pty Ltd

“Carleton Constructions worked well with the Architect to produce the standard of finish that we wanted and handed over to us on time. Their coordination of design, trades and communication with us was very good, the project ran well with no problems. We are very happy with the way this project turned out.” Michael Crookes, Managing Director Hisco Hospitality and Healthcare

You can visit HiscoNFE’s website here: www.hisconfe.com.au

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Landmark Office Fit-out, Belmont $500k

We constructed this fit-out for Landmark to relocate their state headquarters from East Perth to Belmont, and carried out the rectification works on the vacated offices. The fit-out produced 5 offices and 45 open workstations.   A board room, meeting rooms and a staff kitchen were constructed, together with alterations to an existing toilet, incorporating a shower for staff using the new office gym. The project included the supply, installation and commissioning of network and audio visual equipment, as well as all loose furniture. Rectification of the existing premises included removal of signage and redundant IT equipment, cleaning and rectification of walls and workstations. The design for this project was produced by SolutionsWon Group.

 2013 15 04 Landmark Boardroom

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Corporate training and conference facility, Jandakot $3m

This three storey facility comprised a variety of training spaces, such as large, combinable training rooms separated by operable walls, smaller class-style training rooms, various meeting rooms, offices, and break out areas. This project included a commercial kitchen, cafeteria, a very large training workshop and a 76 seat auditorium.  Carleton Constructions carried out this project for SolutionsWon Group.

2012 11 11 Auditorium

The Auditorium.

The lighting, data projector and sound are all controlled from a touch panel on the mobile lectern.


2012 12 20 Cafeteria


The Cafeteria.

The full commercial kitchen serves the 100 seat Cafeteria and provides a full catering service for training sessions throughout the facility.

2012 11 11 RMCS Monitoring room

Remote Monitoring Centre.

This room is used to provide remote access to equipment for real-time training and servicing.



The project scope included providing and commissioning network and audio visual equipment throughout. The facility was completed on time in early November 2012 and was opened by the former Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard.

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