Ruah Harmony

We were asked by Ruah Community Services to refurbish their accommodation units at their Harmony Centre. They had a tight budget and wanted to get the best value they could for their expenditure. We try to achieve this for all of our clients, but as Ruah are charity, and because of the work they do, we made an extra special effort on this project. The units were in quite good condition, but tired and needed a bit more than just a spruce up. The bathrooms in particular were quite dated. We wanted to achieve a comforting, peaceful effect, a bit holiday or resort like, but not too much. We asked Tracey Pinker to select colours and tiles and she came up with the perfect combination.

The units were done one at a time, with the bathrooms demolished first. New lights were installed throughout, old ceiling fans and range hoods were removed and the walls and ceilings patched. The bathrooms all had new floor and wall tiles installed, along with new toilets, vanities, basins and shower screens. Everything was then painted and new range hoods were installed. The photos below show the before and after pictures of some bathrooms and kitchens, and the completed lounge areas.








This was a great project for me and all of my subcontractors. Working with the staff and clients there was inspirational, with the passion that the staff have for their work, and for helping everyone being so apparent and tangible. It was a pleasure, and an honour to be able to do this.

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