MRWA MEB Transportable replacement $50K

This project was for the demolition, removal and replacement of the termite damaged archive office at Main Roads’ Materials Engineering Branch in Welshpool. The interior was reduced to the state in the picture following efforts to eradicate the termites. This was done some months or more before we started the removal, but we still found termites happily munching through the jarrah floor joists. Once the site was cleared we installed the Surefoot footings, a simple, quick footing installation that is fully certified and requires no concrete.

                                 150116 MEB Welshpool 05                    2015 05 05 Surefoot footings 03

Two 25 tonne Terex all terrain cranes were used to pick the replacement archive office up from where it was stored near the site and to move it into position. Space was a bit tight for the 14m long, 3m wide building but the drivers and rigger were able to shuffle it and their machines into position for the lift, and the placement.

                                 20150507 MEB Transportable 15                    20150507 MEB Transportable 29

After the building was placed, it was clamped down, the power and data were connected and the air conditioners were checked and tested. The paving around the building was tidied up and the outside was given a good wash. The installation of the merbau decking and the aluminium framed ramp completed the job and looked great, producing a dramatic improvement on what had been there.

                                                          20150514 MEB Completion 07                    20150514 MEB Completion 10

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