MRWA Traffic Operation Centre Refurbishment $250k

One of the most interesting jobs we have done was the refurbishment of the Operations Room at Main Roads Traffic Operations Centre in East Perth. The project was for the replacement of the desks and carpet in the room, painting and adding acoustic paneling and a number of other smaller pieces of work in the building. The TOC operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, monitoring all of Main Roads Traffic and Northbridge tunnel cameras, providing incident response services and traffic reporting to all media. We needed to be very careful no to interrupt any of these services as that could cause direct disruption to traffic on the freeways or in the tunnel. The work we were doing on the electrical distribution boards and data racks had the potential to create interruptions or problems but through careful work and supervision, the project ran very smoothly.

The project appeared briefly on television and in the media when the Prime Minister Tony Abbott visited, following news that WA was to be given $500m in funding for road improvements. The video can be seen here:  PM Tony Abbott visits TOC

The pictures below show the operations room prior to commencement on the left and the completed room on the right. The carpet and desks have been completely replaced, the room has had acoustic wall paneling installed and has been painted.

          TOC Refurb 1             20150512 TOC Completion 27

The next photo was taken on the third night we were doing the desk and carpet replacement, with the room still in operation but in controlled temporary disarray. The last photo shows the electric Adjustable height desk with the new monitors and monitor arms and the amount of cabling required for the 4 monitors.

     TOC Refurb 2          20150512 TOC Completion 16


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